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Austere Magazine

Austere Mag


Starting when I was 19, I co-owned an independent print magazine for about 4 years. I was the editor-in-chief, art director and curator of 17 print issues and online content. 📚


Austere URL / IRL  - Print Issue

A love letter to the internet and the babes who rule it. My managing editor and I led the theme, design, and production of 115+ pages featuring international photography and interviews with artists Kali Uchis, Signe Pierce, Molly Soda, Vivian Fu and many more.

Selected spreads below. 

URL/IRL Art Show

For every issue of Austere, we hosted a mega release party. For the URL/IRL issue, we had an art show in Brooklyn.

Austere Ego - Print Issue

An exploration of how your perception of yourself influences your ideas and creativity. Selected spreads below. 


Austere Made - Print Issue

Inspired by the drive of our fellow creatives, this issue examines what it takes to make something you love. Selected spreads below. 


Austere Affinity - Print Issue 

A magazine about love and sexuality. Selected spreads below.